If I would ask you about your ambitions and dreams, you would probably be bubbling with joy while sharing it with me and you wouldn’t even be aware of the time that’s flying off.

Well, it is one thing to passionately talk about our dreams, while it is an entirely different thing to actually walk in the fulfillment of those dreams, which I call “destiny”. And here is exactly the problem that many grapple with: what do you do in between the dream phase and the destiny phase?

Many answer that question by settling down where they are at and getting into a passive mode of waiting – waiting for the big moment, the breakthrough. They wait for days, weeks, months, even years. The more they wait passively, the more they lose the passion for their big dreams. Many would ultimately quit on their dreams because the wait had been too long!

The good news is, you and I don’t have to go through that rut. The answer is not in waiting passively but in doing actively what you can do right now today. You may not be able to do the phenomenal, viral, “trending now” stuff. However, you can do something now!

Many do not do anything until they know that the world would applaud them for it! But success comes when you begin doing the small, simple, easy-to-do things. The more you do it consistently every day, the more your confidence increases, momentum builds up, and soon you are busy doing more complex things and bringing in more exposure to your work. 

The key to the big moment is in small acts. Find your small acts. Get busy doing them passionately.

For example, if your dream is to be a great leader, start today by leading just one person and doing it every day, increasing the number of people you influence. If your dream is to build a great team, start today by investing time with one potential person you can enlist in your dream team. If your dream is to be a famous guitarist, get hold of a guitar today and start strumming the easiest chord you can play! Well, I hope you got the point.

Stop waiting for the big moment. Start acting on the small things. Let the compounding miracle happen!

Question: How do you plan to act on the small things today? Share your comments.

Here is what my friend Gene Rumley writes in response to this post. This is quite inspiring! “Arlene and I decided we were going to help people that had a desire to take in orphan children. We didn’t know how we could do that, but we took $50, opened a checking account, told our family and friends to donate. Mission For Orphans now is assisting 5 orphanages with over 200 children. We started small and 14 years later, it’s making differences in many lives.”

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