Ever felt like why some people are against you though you have done nothing against them?

Well, here’s a secret:

They are not against you as a person. They are threatened by the leadership potential in you!

Solution? Be the best leader you can be.

Don’t stoop down to please people. Rise up to build people.

Keep doing your very best today and every day.

Don’t be intimidated by critics nor be captivated by fans.

Stick to your call. Be the leader you are called to be.

Clarify Your Vision With These 3 Questions

I believe, at some point in time, many of us would have sincerely asked this question to ourselves: What am I born to do on this earth? 

Well, that’s a purpose question. I call it a Vision Question. And it is a question that need to be asked because then – and only then – we could find the answer that can usually change the trajectory of our lives.

In order to discover your vision, it is worth asking another set of three questions, which would help you answer the Vision Question. I like to help you ask these questions to yourself, with taking Christ Jesus as the example.


Check out the video. Discover your unique, God-inspired Vision for life!