3 Questions To Clarify Your Vision

I believe, at some point in time, many of us would have sincerely asked this question to ourselves: What am I born to do on this earth? 

Well, that’s a purpose question. I call it a Vision Question. And it is a question that need to be asked because then – and only then – we could find the answer that can usually change the trajectory of our lives.

In order to discover your vision, it is worth asking another set of three questions, which would help you answer the Vision Question. I like to help you ask these questions to yourself, with taking Christ Jesus as the example.


Check out the video. Discover your unique, God-inspired Vision for life!


When everything is going great, it is easy to speak about good things and good times. But when situations aren’t great, when we face hurdles, can we still speak good and hope? Yes, we can (and we should).

  • It is during not-so-good times that our faith is being revealed – do we really trust in the goodness of God for our life, career, family, business, etc, or are we simply faking faith?
  • When we trust in the goodness and love of God toward us, we begin to speak about it. We will not be able to be silent about it.
  • It is when we speak about the good things which we hope for, that situations begin to change for better. The miracle is in speaking out what we believe!
  • Speak what you want to see happen, not what you fear might happen.

The Holy Scriptures say, “Now faith is being sure we will get what we hope for. It is being sure of what we cannot see.” (Hebrews 11:1 New Life Version)

“If you got the guts to say it, God’s got the power to do it!” (Kenneth Copeland)