Joe Abraham is a Leadership Coach and Inspirational Speaker. For close to two decades, he has been helping leaders develop their core leadership competencies so that they can excel and thrive in their specific domains of influence.

His unique style of clear, encouraging, and practical insights motivate audiences of all ages to rekindle and pursue their dreams.

Joe’s life is a wonderful evidence to the beauty of transformation from a shy and timid boy to an inspiring teacher and leader. He attributes that to God’s handiwork!

His philosophy of leadership is candid.

“Leadership is the ability to influence lives. Many are not aware of it. Some simply use it. Few develop it intentionally and become change agents of communities, businesses and nations!”

He has a heart for developing young leaders. A significant part of his 19 plus years of work has been on pursuing that goal. He has spoken to, mentored, and taught thousands of young people to develop their potential and impact their spheres.

Joe Abraham with Dr. John C. Maxwell

Joe has done his leadership training under Dr. John C. Maxwell, America’s #1 leadership expert, and is a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team, a 15000+ elite, global community of certified coaches, trainers, and speakers.

Joe holds two Masters Degrees (M.Div and M.A). He is also an ordained minister.

Years of working with leaders and young people has helped Joe to gain insights that he shares today with his audiences, students and clients to help them find meaning, balance, satisfaction, and motivation in their professional and personal lives.

He believes that every leader is called to be a positive change agent in one’s own sphere of influence – be it business, government, family, education, media, religion, or arts and entertainment.

Presently Joe, with his wife Ancy, resides in the city of Bangalore, India.