The opportunity to lead others is a privilege. Great leaders know this very well. So they make sure to keep themselves fresh and positive every day for the task ahead.

It takes intentional decision and action to keep oneself optimistic every day. In fact, it takes some serious effort to keep at it daily.

It is like the story I read recently about an old, wise man exhorting his little grandson about the value of life.

He told him that there is a tug of war that is going on in everyone’s mind. On one side, it is Mr.Good, and on the other side, it’s Mr.Evil. Good is trying to bring every good thing into one’s life. But Evil devices everything bad to happen in one’s life.

Hearing this, the little one had a serious doubt: “Out of these two, who is going to win?” The old man gave a wise reply: “The one whom you feed!”

Successful leaders know this wise principle. So, although they are aware of the not-so-good news and bad situations, they do not dwell on it. Rather they feed positivity. They feed optimism.

They talk about possibilities. They spread hope. They cultivate a not-giving-up culture.
Is it any wonder that they are successful?

What about you? As a leader, who are you feeding today?