I find it amusing when leaders run organizations as if they will never retire!

Real leaders know that one day they will retire. So they make plans early on to develop new leaders.

Great leadership is empowering leadership.

Real leaders are empowering leaders. They create space for new leaders.

They are not afraid of other capable leaders in the org. In fact, they love raising up smart leaders and mentoring them to lead the organization to greater heights.

Leaders with this mindset are a rare-breed compared to the seat-grabbing majority.

Real leaders are convinced that empowering others to be leaders is a sure-way to organizational success.

They are also convinced that, if they don’t do so, when they retire one day, all the success they have created, all of that will crumble eventually and the organization will become a memorial to their great selfishness.

Question: How is your leadership style helping other leaders to rise up in your organization?

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