Joe Abraham is a Speaker, Teacher and Coach with twenty years of experience in the fields of leadership development, professional skills, and personal growth. He helps success-driven leaders get  the motivation, coaching and training necessary to create better results.

His clientele comprises of a good line-up of businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. He offers clear, encouraging, and practical insights that motivate audiences and clients to pursue excellence.

He also helps aspiring young leaders. For two decades, he has been motivating and teaching thousands of young people to develop their potential and impact their spheres.

Joe has undergone training in leadership development with The John Maxwell Team (USA), led by Dr. John C. Maxwell, one of America’s top leadership experts. He is also a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team, and is certified to facilitate, speak, train and coach individuals and groups in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth using the Maxwell curriculum and resources.

Presently he lives in the city of Bangalore, India, with his wife Ancy, a counselling psychologist.

With Dr. John C. Maxwell

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