Recently I was with a wonderful group of business people who are passionate about making a difference in the marketplace. They were from different business domains.

One thing that fascinated me was their attitude to help each other. Usually we find takers. Here I found givers.

Most of them had their own businesses to take care of. However everyone one was ready to help the other person succeed.

Some shared their challenges. Others brainstormed the solutions. Some shared how they overcame similar challenges. It was altogether inspiring, all because they chose to help each other than trying to sell to one another.

And the beauty is, some of them could find potential clients, potential customers and potential business partners right there in that gathering even without promoting their services and products. How? By choosing to be a giver, than a seller. In fact, giving is the highest form of selling!

So here is today’s question: what can you give today to make your work more productive and successful?