Distractions are common. They tend to hinder, even steal one’s success. Sometimes they can be disastrous too. For instance, surfing social networking sites during work hours is a distraction to the work at hand. It could slowdown the pace of work. It could even thwart the success of a crucial time-bound work. However, surfing social networking sites while driving could sometimes be disastrous also.

How is it possible to deal with distractions effectively? Here is a list of five helpful ways to do that.

  • Decide where to focus

This is foundational. Only when there is something to focus on that we could talk about distractions. In fact, if there is no goal, there is no distraction either! So decide where you are going to focus, in case you find yourself missing that basic element.

  • Anticipate possible focus-stealers

When you do an assessment of all the distractions that has occurred during the last 6 months , you would probably discover something interesting: most of the distractions have some common sources which function as focus-stealers. The good news is, learning to deal with these common sources is a key to dealing with distractions.

  • Keep updating your focus-keeping learning

Every distraction you conquer is a focus-keeping learning experience. Build a knowledge database of these learning experiences on a regular basis. This cumulative know-how could help you deal with new versions of distractions.

  • Be motivated by your why

Focus-keeping learning experiences alone will not work effectively in the long run without having a strong awareness of your ‘why’. It is that sense of purpose which will push you up when you feel down. It is that sense of purpose which will motivate you when the going gets tough.

  • Learn to turn around gently and swiftly

When distracted, one thing you should never do is to just sit there and play the blame game. Blaming yourself and others only add to the problem. Instead, get up, learn what has happened, and take responsibility to move forward. In fact it is when you move forward to your goal that you thoroughly smash the power of distraction.

Question: What methods do you use to deal with distractions?

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