The quality of a training event – be it a conference or seminar – depends primarily on the speaker. It is the speaker’s job to build rapport, inspire, and lead the audience towards positive action.

As a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker, Joe will do his best to help you meet your goals for the event. It’s a win-win!

Testimonial from a similar program:

Awesome feel to listen to Joe which renders lingering thoughts for action. He is a great friend and guide; a mentor too.Thomas Stephen
Senior Vice President at T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Private Ltd

What you can expect:

  • Prompt response to your queries.
  • Personal consultation before the event to better understand the goals, topics, and details of the event.
  • 100% customization of the presentation in order to add maximum value to the audience.
  • Professional preparation of the presentation and resources.
  • Motivational delivery to inspire the audience.
  • Engaging the audience with activities and demonstrations.
  • Prompt followup after the event to make sure the presentation has met your goals for the event.
  • Attractive multimedia slides to make the presentation interesting and clear (optional).
  • Worksheets/study notes to help participants take away what they have learned (optional).
  • Exclusive resource page with study notes and links to helpful resources for the participants (optional).


  • 30 – 60 minutes

Testimonial from a similar program:

I’ve attended many sessions of Joe Abraham, and found all of it encouraging, inspiring and practical. He creates good rapport with the audience and he has a natural knack for clearly explaining his concepts. His topics are very relevant, and he makes sure that we can easily put it to practice.Melvin Evans

Next step:

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