Leadership Coaching Program

Who Is This For?
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Managers, Leaders

Do You Face This Problem?

  • have leadership position and title but not able to perform as a successful leader
  • lack of leadership mindset & dynamics
  • lack of leadership skills development
  • struggling to handle minor as well as major leadership decisions and activities
Testimonial from a Similar Program:
Conversations with Joe are always insightful. He makes you reflect and discover the leader in you.Karthik Madhava
Co-founder & Vice President, Products & Alliances at Lavelle Networks
 What This Program Can Help You Do:
  • able to lead well
  • able to handle major leadership decisions
  • able to create a winning leadership culture
  • able to build a winning team
  • able to think and act like a leader
  • able to create momentum in the organization
How This Program Can Hep You:
  • helps you identify the real leadership issues
  • helps you find possible solutions to the issues
  • helps you apply these leadership solutions
  • helps you deal with the challenges during the application process of these solutions
  • helps you develop the leadership skills and system necessary to perform better
Testimonial from a Similar Program:
Sessions with Joe are very insightful and thought provoking . He has a very simple, yet effective way to bring the best out of people.Dr. Deepthy George
Basic Structure of the Program:
  • 12 week program
    • 1-2 sessions: personality assessment and identifying real leadership issues of the client
    • 3-4 sessions: identifying possible solutions
    • 5-10 sessions: leadership skills development
    • 11-12 sessions: application, assessment and improvement

Next Step:

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