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Joe Abraham is a Speaker, Teacher and Coach. With 18+ years in the field of Personal & Leadership Development, he works with businesses to help people develop the leadership skills necessary to excel at work & life. He is a Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team (USA).

What you read above is a quick bio. And here is the story behind that quick bio:

During my school days, if you had come to my house, chances are that you wouldn’t have found me. It was because I was too shy to come and meet you, and would probably be hiding behind someone. I was very hesitant to speak in public. When I was forced to speak, I used to shiver – especially my voice, hands, and legs. And whenever I was asked to lead something, my usual response was to shun it.

Your mess will become your message” isn’t an old cliché for me; that is something I live out every day because today, I am a speaker and a coach. In fact, I train people on how to develop the leadership skills necessary to excel at work and life!

That is why when clients tell me that they are afraid to do public speaking, I really know what they are talking about. When they say that they find it difficult to handle a leadership role, I could identify with them. When they say that they don’t know how to solve an issue they face in their professional or personal life, I know how it feels.

That is why I like helping people overcome their limitations and excel at work and life.

For the last twenty seven years (which include my college years), I have had several opportunities to learn from and work with many wonderful individuals and leaders, as well as teach and coach people of different ages on how to live their life to the fullest.

With Dr. John C. Maxwell

I am an Independent Certified Coach with The John Maxwell Team – a U.S based leadership development company with 13000+ members around the world – founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell, one of America’s top leadership experts.

Presently, I work with businesses to help people develop the leadership skills necessary to excel at work & life.

With my wife Ancy

I am based in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore), India with my wife, Ancy, a Counselling Psychologist.

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