Having a successful team is a dream of every leader. Lot of factors play into the making of such a team. However, one factor which cannot be ignored has to do with maintaining harmony within the team.

How do you do that?

To know the answer, first, we need to know what is not harmony. It is called ‘discord’. In simple terms, it is disagreement between team members.

Now, when it is a team of smart people, there could be different viewpoints and ideas. Could that be considered discord?

No and yes.

When those different viewpoints and ideas are focused on finding a solution, it is not discord.
But when those different viewpoints and ideas are focused on devaluing a team member, it is discord.

If the disagreement runs and stops inside the boundary of brainstorming, that is healthy. But when it breaks the boundary and mocks the value of a person, it is disease. And it must be treated seriously – whether it is correcting or firing.

If you are the point leader of the team, it is your duty to promote and protect team harmony. If you are a team member, it is your duty to function within the boundary of team harmony.

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