Leaders are doers – no doubt. But even doers can get stuck on a given day if there is so much on their hands to do, finish and settle on the same day. During such times, how can you, as a leader, break the vicious cycle and make the day awesome and unforgettable?

Here is one smart tip: Focus on the #1 thing you got to do on that day.

Often, when it’s all busy, we forget what is important and what is not. Usually we feel like everything is important! But that is not true. Take a five minute break, go to another area or room, or go outside for a brisk walk, and think about what is truly important for that day.

Here is a smart question you can ask yourself in order to identify that one main thing. “What does it cost if I don’t do this today?” If the answer shows a low price, push it aside or delegate it. But if the answer reflects a heavy price, consider doing it immediately.

What if you find more than one thing as top priority? Shortlist it again and go for the most important and urgent. If you still find multiple items on the plate, divide your time, set appropriate time span for each, and start with one item right away, giving your very best. If you could finish everything on the top priority list on the same day, “Great!” If you could finish at least one item successfully, “Good!” Why? You will have the satisfaction of doing your very best in everything and finishing one item. That will help you make each and everyday awesome and unforgettable.

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