Sometimes it’s tough to start – a project, a course, even a day. There may be different reasons why we think so.

The fact is, whether we like it or not, there are lot of things we got to start – whether it’s a project, a course, or a day.

So, how do you overcome this mental block? How to break this ‘starting problem’?

The smart answer is, “Start!” Yes, just start. Don’t wait for the feelings. Don’t wait for angels. Don’t wait for a command. Don’t wait for the hindrance to go away. Don’t wait for an open door. Go, start.

Do what you can.

And, keep going. Keep moving. Keep doing.

The fascinating thing is, after a while, when you look back, you will know the feelings have changed. It is now on a drive – to achieve something that’s ahead.

So, go start. Move!

What can you achieve if you start doing something now? Share your comments.

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