If you want to see things accomplished, then you got to make things happen!

Well, this may appear as a brash statement, but ultimately this is what successful leaders do.

Of course, they like to see things happen smooth and fine. They like everybody to accept the idea and then take a decision. They like waiting for the storm to settle down and then move the team forward. However, they also know that most of these happen in an ideal state, and we are not in an ideal state!

When ideas are caught hanging on red tape, when the team rests in a no-momentum state, when crucial decisions lie around as dreams and discussions, great leaders smash open the steel door of apathy and let loose the wild horse of creativity. They almost transform themselves into self-energized man machines which create new paths of breakthroughs and breakouts.

This is what Thomas J. Watson did during the Great Depression in the U.S. His company was into making tabulating machines, but when the economy went crashing down, his machines became unattractive to buyers. However, while most companies were cutting expenses heavily, he did the opposite. Watson invested millions of dollars into Research & Development. Many thought he was crazy. But he persisted. His persistence did pay off after six years when the United States brought in the Social Security Act. Suddenly every business all over the country wanted a tabulating machine! And who was ever-ready with that product? Watson! That is the super-success story of Watson and his company, IBM.

Are you stirred within your soul for a breakthrough? Are you thirsting to go higher? Do you sense pain when standing amidst apathy? Do you feel crying out, “This is all I can stand! I am going to do something about it!”? Then you are a leader, a catalyst, a history-maker. There is something exciting in your future. It shall come forth when you act – and only when you act, when you take that leap of faith, when you step forward. You see, good things happen to those who make things happen!

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