Some years back, my wife and I were at an internet café. There was a young man who was serving the customers. He was very cordial and helpful.

When we were about to leave the café, he came our way, again. We asked him his name, appreciated and thanked him for his service.

He was taken aback. It was clear he wasn’t expecting that. Then he told us something which I would never forget: “Sir, thank you. I have been working here for many months now. My boss has not appreciated me – even once!

The story did not stop there. Few years later, I met him again at another place. In fact, I didn’t notice him first, but he came running to me and introduced himself and reminded me about our previous meeting!

Though the whole incident happened some years back, I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. Sometimes I share it with my coaching clients who run organizations.

There is so much positive power in our words of appreciation. Though many know this as a fact, only few do it intentionally and consistently.

If you are a business leader, know this for sure: your people love to hear words of appreciation from you. They may not openly ask you but they secretly wish it would happen. You may have done acts of appreciation; however, they eagerly wait for words of appreciation.

The amazing thing about verbal appreciation is, it not only encourages but also empowers your people to take risks and try going higher. It has the power to bring the best out of your team.

Give it to them. Express it openly.

Yes, to do it, it takes courage. It takes humility. However, it’s worth it when it comes to building a winning team.

I encourage you. Go, do it, today.

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