Recently I met someone who was fed up with his work. He held an important executive position in the company. But he dreaded his work. What he longed for was a needed break.

Why you need rest

Sometime back I read this humorous comment, “If you are in a rat race, you end up acting like a rat!” Well, I do not endorse this comment. Still there is an element of truth in it.

We are not designed to work like robots. We are called to do work that brings us joy, meaning and satisfaction.

Every one of us is not wired to do everything though each one of us has got to do something valuable.

All work and no rest is busyness, not business. It brings along a slick package of stress and sorrow. What we really need is a balance of work and rest where we love the work – hard work – we do as well as enjoy the rest – real rest – we need.

The other side of rest

Of course, there are people who long to get hold of a job to avail leave – paid leave, that is. Their heart for work remains a question mark since it is not work that they seek but a break. It appears more of a sign of laziness than liveliness.

Nevertheless, the necessity for rest remains intact.

Ways to create time for rest

There are different ways to create time to rest and rejuvenate. Here is a simple list of three:

Break moments: These are short, specific moments during the day. It could be for a minute to an hour.

Break days: This could be a specific day or days during the month.

Break periods: These consist of couple of days or weeks together in a year. It is like a sabbath. It can even include abstaining from a specific activity for a specific length of time, without forgoing all activities.

The Break Challenge

Spend few minutes now to chart out your own ways of rest. Whatever mode of rest you prefer, it is essential that you separate a chunk of time for rejuvenation and rest from the hectic professional schedule. It may appear costly. However, not having it may prove costlier in the long run.

So, what is your “break plan”? You may comment below.